The Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Program for Outstanding Students at Tel Aviv University is a unique four-year program that allows an interdisciplinary curriculum from the first year of study. The program leads directly to a Master of Arts or a Master of Science degree. Each year, fifteen students are accepted to the program. The highly competitive selection process is based on applicants’ scores in the Israeli Standardized Matriculation and Psychometric exams, as well as a short essay, a personal interview, and a concourse examination. Successful applicants will have outstanding intellectual potential, and will be motivated toward and capable of hard work and independent thinking.


Students in our program set their own curriculum of study with the help of a mentor and the program head. Students are encouraged to take courses from various disciplines across the campus, often from advanced years, in order to develop research skills and an interdisciplinary approach. In addition to weekly interdisciplinary seminars, the program also includes a special seminar during the first two years during which students are guided in interdisciplinary research.


Students in the program get full tuition support for the entire four years of studies, allowing them to focus on their studies and take as many courses as they wish.


Program participants do not normally obtain a bachelor's degree (neither BA nor BSc) rather, they are expected to obtain their master’s degree (either an MA or MSc) directly from a department of their choices that they enter during their third year in the program. Once enrolled in a specific department, students work toward their degree according to regular master’s degree requirements. Typically, although the scope of their education at the undergraduate level by far exceeds that of students in regular programs, their first academic degree qualification is at the master’s level.



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